5 Reasons Why Lewis Hamilton Will Undoubtedly Return In 2022.

Since the controversial race in Abu Dhabi, Journalists and Fans have made many articles and assumptions about whether Lewis Hamilton will be joining Mercedes and his fans in the 2022 season.

These rumors and assumptions have been made due to a statement Toto Wolff, the Mercedes Co-owner and Manager of the Mercedes F1 race team, made.

Toto Wolff had confessed that he could make “No assurances” that Lewis Hamilton would be back and could not get over the “pain” he felt after the shocking and controversial race in Abu Dhabi.

This statement has struck fear in the hearts of any fan of Lewis Hamilton. It Caused people to wonder if this was the last straw for the talented racer.

In this article, I will explain why Lewis will no doubt be back at the beginning of the 2022 season.

.1 Lewis Isn’t The Type To Quit

Although Lewis is stressed out, annoyed, and just downright furious like any human being, he is not the type of person to quit because things aren’t going his way.

Quite the opposite. Lewis, throughout his career, has no doubt had the feeling of just giving up, but he’s always been one to never give up no matter how challenging the situation is.

Now with a two-year contract between him and Mercedes, Lewis is at the peak of his game and is ready to show the world exactly why he is the most coveted and successful racer of his time.

Since a child, Lewis was abused and used on and off-track, but that never stopped him and that trait has long lived in his personality. His father even confessed that as a child, Lewis was very hardheaded.

.2 Rivalry With Max Verstappen

We’ve seen the Dutch racer Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton at it before, but nothing comes close to the fantastic and exciting season we saw in 2021.

Crashes, penalties, and anger were common feelings in the most recent races, especially the Championship in Abu Dhabi. It kind of makes you feel bad for everybody else at that race for F1 because, for the whole season, everyone was on the edge of their seats while watching these two amazing racers and not paying attention to everyone else.

Max Verstappen had a great start staying in 1st place for a time at the beginning of the season. However, after the last 3 or 4 races, Lewis quickly caught up in points.

After the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, the points were tied between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen for only the second time in F1 history. That caused quite a buzz in the F1 community.

Everyone anxiously awaited the season’s last race in Abu Dhabi with mixed emotions and speculations. Unfortunately for Lewis Hamilton, Max won his first Championship title that day.

Although there was a lot of anger and controversy that day, both racers did their best and put their literal sweat and tears into their race.

Lewis will undoubtedly want to show the world that he’s back for vengeance and will up his game during the 2022 season.

3. Lewis Loves His Fans

It’s a well-known fact that Lewis has a soft spot for his fans. He has the Belgium Grand Prix to prove it. In the Belgium Grand Prix, the racers only had four laps of racing due to the heavy, persistent rain that covered the track.

The Stewarts (rightfully so) claimed that the track was too dangerous and that the race would be stopped.

Instead of being angry that he could not improve his position of 3rd place, Lewis looked out into the crowd saying, “I hope that all the fans get a refund, and I’m sorry you didn’t get to see more of a race.”

Although Lewis got a lot of backlash from the FIA about this comment, he continued to stand by his statement. He had claimed that “The fans have endured hours in the cold, wet rain and didn’t get to see a race.”

As you can tell, Lewis’s love and respect for his fans is a small part of what keeps him racing.

Although Lewis is understandably in his feelings about what took place in the Abu Dhabi race of 2021, His Character shows that he is not a quitter.

Fans have been worried sick about whether Lewis was indefinitely retired from his career in F1 and had since been anxiously waiting on news about whether Lewis will be back or not.

With only three months until the season starts, I am personally confident that Lewis would have announced his retirement before now.

4. Lewis’s Love For The Motorsport

Lewis, unlike most people, loves his job. He loves his team and loves his fans.

After 44 quickfire questions, he claimed that Mercedes was more than just a racing team to him. “They’re family.” He said with a smile.

It’s easy to see that racing in F1 is his passion and life. It’s easy to see the love and hard work he puts into his career as well.

Dealing with unfair situations is part of his job, and he has grown a thick skin. It’s clear that Motorsport means a lot to him.

.5 His Love For The Black Community

Although mixed-race, Hamilton has openly embraced his love for his black heritage. He even had the Mercedes team change their car colors from the trademark silver to black in honor of the Black Lives Matter movement.

His goal throughout his career has always been to help empower the black community. He has received backlash from his open encouragement of the black race, but it never stops him from showing his people that he still cares.

After the horrible shooting of Brianna Taylor, Lewis wore a shirt under his race suit with Brianna’s face on the back and “Say Her Name” on the front exposing it when he stepped onto the podium.

Lewis has even started a program called Project Forty-Four. His program aims to diversify the Mercedes and motorsport industry, giving other races and ethnic groups excellent jobs and even college scholarships.

It won’t happen overnight. It’s not as easy as just swapping white engineers or workers for blacks. It’s a process. -Lewis Hamilton

He’s working towards that goal and is slowly but surely making a change.

All this shows that Lewis is far too invested in his goals and career to quit now. He’s been through hardships before and has come out on top every time.

His fans and the black community will stand by him no matter what decision he makes but just from looking at his character; I can’t see him giving up. Not yet.



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