Hi there! My name is Anya Logan, and I am a Freelance Automotive Writer. When I was ten years old, I discovered a game on my laptop; it was a racing game that caught my eye. I didn't know a single thing about cars, racing, or motors at all. But as I started to play this game, I discovered a passion. It was almost like something clicked in my brain, something that made me want to know more about the beautiful machines that I controlled virtually, and so I did. Within two months I could tell you almost everything about the car in front of me. But during my early teenage years, I fell off a little bit. I still LOVED cars, but I wasn't learning as much as I wanted to and the distractions of everyday life made it really hard to focus on my passion until two years ago.

During Covid, I had all the time in the world. I had gotten laid off from my job (What 17-year-old gets laid off?), and I stayed home like the average person. The only thing keeping my attention was school and my books (I got to have my Marie Lu books!). One day my father and I were sitting on the sofa browsing YouTube on our smart TV, and my dad said, "Have you heard of Formula 1?" I told him I had but never watched the race. He smiled and grabbed the remote from my hand.

Two minutes later he turned on the highlights to the Austrian Grand Prix, their first race of the 2020 season on July 5th. Immediately I fell in love with the sport and cars. It was an added plus that another person of color was also racing and was great at it! Anyway, after that first clip of a Formula 1 race, we immediately bought the subscription to the F1 Channel. After punching that checkout button, it was a done deal. I was getting up at 5, 6, 7, am to catch the race. I would go to bed at 4 am on Saturday nights just to get back up an hour later.

I finally had something that made sense to me and compelled me to do something with my passion. If my father hadn't turned on that race back in July of 2020, I wouldn't have been where I am today. Now, I write full-time for an Automotive Blog called Low Offset.

All my success and love for motorsport are undoubtedly because my dad and I dedicate it all to him and the Most-High. Thanks and I love you, dad.

This is the picture I took of my dad and me at the GT America race at Road America in Plymouth, Wisconsin.

Thank You to everyone who reads and supports my page.

Best of Wishes,