Do I Dare To Have Hope?

Anya Logan
2 min readJul 8, 2022


Photo by Dawit on Unsplash

Hey everyone! I’m back. It’s been a while, and for that, I’m very sorry. Been a busy couple of months.

As we know, since the start of the season in mid-March, Mercedes hasn’t been doing too hot. Matter of fact, they’ve been struggling to keep up with the Ferrari and RedBull’s cars.

But for the past 4 races, you can clearly see the difference in how the cars operate down the straights and get away on the curves. Lewis has been in the top 5 for the last 3 races.

Which makes Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton fans ask the question of whether Lewis and Mercedes finally have their act together.

During the latest race (SilverStone GP) we could clearly see just how much pace and speed the silver arrow had. Much to our surprise, Lewis was catching up to the Ferraris and putting pressure on Perez’s RedBull.

Although we are mid-season, many are speculating on whether Mercedes might be in line for the constructor's championship. With RedBull’s reliability concerns and Ferrari’s constant mishaps, the possibility of Mercedes moving to the top is not entirely inconceivable. Even if a little far-fetched, there is a chance for Mercedes to keep their perfect record of 8 consecutive wins.

With the British GP’s and Canadian GP’s results of 3rd for Hamilton, I would not be surprised if we were to see him moving up into 1st, relatively soon. But as we saw last season surprises are inevitable and expected.

Although this article is primarily about Mercedes and their surprising comeback, I must give ashout-outt to the FIA’s safety regulations. Although in the beginning, the halo on the car was a bit controversial, with the concerns of it trapping the driver inside the car, it’s safe to say that it saved a life this past weekend.

Zhou Guanyu was in a terrifying crash where he was flipped over and slid through the gravel, flipping over the barrier and slamming into the fence. He was trapped until the Track Marshals were able to extricate him from the car. Zhou claimed that “The halo saved his life” and I have to agree.

The next track is Austria, RedBull’s home race and I wonder if RedBull will dominate, or if Mercedes will, again, surprise us. But until then, we won’t know, but you can count on me to keep you updated.