Vegas Is Back On Formula 1’s Schedule!

Another street circuit!

Anya Logan
3 min readMay 6, 2022
Photo by Lyle Hastie on Unsplash

I’m going to be completely honest, I love street circuits! So that’s why I have some SUPER exciting news.

We’ve seen F1 join us here in the USA in Miami, Florida, and/or Austin, Texas and it’s been a blast but guess what?

The United States of America has a new city joining F1’s calender in 2023.

Las Vegas “Sin City” hosts the USA’s most famous casinos, entertainers, and Elvis impressionists, so it’s not surprising that they’d host the most prestigious race there too.

Although it’s been rumored for a couple of years now, no one expected it to actually happen. At least I didn’t.

But in April of this year, it was announced that Formula 1 will be returning to Las Vegas in November of 2023. Yes, you heard me right. They will be returning to Vegas.

It’s been over 29 years since Formula 1 has raced there.

During the early 80s, Formula 1’s fast and open-wheeled cars raced through the streets of the rowdy city for 75 laps giving the spectators and visitors of Las Vegas a thrill they’ll never forget.

Formula 1 had high hopes for the Caeser’s Palace Grand Prix but after two years of racing there, they realized that attendance was not what they thought it would be.

Formula 1 found that they would be losing money if they continued to go to Vegas and so they removed it from the Formula 1 schedule.

But I have no doubt that Vegas will have no problem with spectators now because Formula 1 is getting recognized much more than it has ever been.

Now I’m quite aware that not everyone likes street circuits and is more inclined to watch the track races such as Spa, SilverStone, and Sochi Autodrom and I definitely understand, but as a person who screams at the TV like a psychopath, I enjoy the unpredictability of street races.

For me, watching a street race is more personal. To be able to drive the same streets as the cars in F1 is a race junkie's little slice of heaven. No one is going to realistically drive on a track and so being able to experience the turns that an actual F1 car experiences -albeit at a much slower pace- is something a little different.

But everyone is inclined to their own opinion and I respect that.

I think all the people who share my love for street circuits can say that they’re stoked.

I’ve heard many opinions about how the track layout is too simple and it’s going to be boring, but I’m willing to give it a chance.

The only thing I’m not impressed with so far is the infinite amount of straightaways. But on the flip-side, that’s great for overtaking and will be perfect for the teams to show off just how fast their cars are on the straights.

But until November of next year, we won’t know for sure.